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KVVAK Kennersoog - a short film series on special objects in the KVVAK's collection

  • Episode 1: Menno Fitski, Head of Asian Art, and curator dr. Ching-Ling Wang discuss two recent changing exhibits (partly in English):
  • Episode 2: Menno Fitski on a 12th-century Japanese Buddha Amida and a Japanese screen (c. 1675/c.1725) (in Dutch):
  • Episode 3: Curator dr. William Southworth introduces us to a 9th-century image of the Bodhisattva Manjushri from Central Java (in English):
  • Episode 4: Board member dr. Renée Steenbergen on the history of the KVVAK (in Dutch):
  • Episode 5: Curator dr. Ching-Ling Wang elaborates on a 13th-century image of the bodhisattva Guanyin:

Aziatische Kunst Author Interview - a series of interviews with authors of articles in our journal "Aziatische Kunst"

The Royal VVAK celebrates - the June 23, 2018 Symposium film

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