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KVVAK afternoon of lectures: Developments in Asian Art studies – Presentations of new research

On Friday 28 June, a group of brand-new students will present their work in the Auditorium of the Rijksmuseum. It promises to be a very diverse afternoon, with presentations on familiar objects such as Japanese woodblock art and porcelain with the lady with the parasol (which Christiaan Jörg wrote about some time ago) and on unfamiliar objects, such as photo albums from the Rijksmuseum collection made by Dutch entrepreneurs in the Dutch East Indies at the beginning of the 20th century and objects from the Chinese diaspora. The following speakers will present:

  • Ruowei Dai (PhD student, Fudan University, Shanghai & Universiteit Leiden): The Lady with the Parasol
  • Koen van der Lijn (Johan Huizinga Fellow bij het Rijksmuseum): Ties that Bind: Chinese labor through the eyes of Dutch colonial entrepreneurs
  • Hu Yang (student research master Art History, Universiteit Utrecht): Diasporic Chinese Objects in a Dutch Missionary Museum
  • Zeno Grootenboer (student research master Asian Studies, Universiteit Leiden): Changing the Notions of Truth: The Decline of Parody and Satire in Depictions of Contemporary Events in Woodblock Prints during Japan’s Late Edo to early Meiji Period 
  • Li Zixuan (PhD student, Fudan University, Shanghai & Universiteit Leiden): The Transformation of Chinese export porcelain Figures into European Chinoiserie Ceramic Figures

An afternoon full of presentations from young people at the beginning of their research careers, bringing fresh perspectives and approaches. After hearing from the five students, Anne Gerritsen will give you a short lecture on the new developments in the profession that we can observe based on students’ work.

We hope you will come in large numbers to listen in!


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