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Aziatische Kunst, Volume 48, Nr. 1, March 2018

In 2018 three special issues of the magazine Aziatische Kunst will be published to celebrate the centenary of the Asian Art Society. The first number is a double issue that is completely devoted to the Indian miniature paintings in the Rijksmuseum. The interest in Indian painting goes back to the time of the VOC when the first examples arrived in the Netherlands.  However, the collection of the Rijksmuseum is brought together in the 20th century. It consists of circa 500 Indian miniature paintings. Some belong to the collection of the Asian Art Society, others to the Prentenkabinet.  An international group of ten specialists wrote about the various characteristics of these beautiful miniatures.  The Asian Art Society is proud that publications by Joachim Bautze, John Brockington, Pauline Lunsingh Scheurleer, Isabella Nardi, Nachiket Chanchani, Jahnabi Barooah, Neeraja Poddar, Elisabeth Cecil, Mirjam Westra and Amélie Couvrat Desvergnes are included in this issue. The editors express their gratitude to those who made this publication possible, especially Mr. Jaap Polak for his generous donation.