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KVVAK Kennersoog: a new short film series on special objects in the KVVAK’s collection

In December 2020, the KVVAK started working on a new project. Together with Babette Claassen Art Services, we are producing a short film series on objects in our collection. The films will be uploaded to our new Youtube channel.

So far, three films have been completed. Please see the links below.

  • Menno Fitski, Head of Asian Art, and curator dr. Ching-Ling Wang discuss two recent changing exhibits (partly in English):
  • Menno Fitski on a 12th-century Japanese Buddha Amida and a Japanese screen (c. 1675/c.1725) (in Dutch):
  • Curator dr. William Southworth introduces us to a 9th-century image of the Bodhisattva Manjushri from Central Java (in English):