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Lecture on Japanese printmaking by Ayomi Yoshida

KVVAK cordially invites its members to a special lecture by Ayomi Yoshida (b 1958) on Japanese printmaking and three generations of female printmakers from the Yoshida artist family.

Recently, Ayomi Yoshida (born 1958.) donated 17 works on paper created by herself, her mother Chizuko Yoshida and her grandmother Fujio Yoshida to the Rijksmuseum. The donation tells the story of these three generations of women in the Yoshida family. The Yoshida family is a well-known family of artists in Japan, but especially the male relatives: Hiroshi, Hodaka and Toshi Yoshida were usually in the spotlight.

Ayomi will elaborate on how her mother and grandmother developed as artists and how their artworks were created in a society and period when this was not always obvious for women.

For the presentation, currently still on display at the Asian Pavilion, Ayomi also created two new artworks: Sudden Rain and Taki (waterfall), which she will explain in this lecture.

Taki (waterfall), 2024 by Ayomi Yoshida

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