Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of the Vereniging van Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst/Asian Art Society in the Netherlands

Article 1

These terms and conditions apply to all services, quotes, agreements, offers and services of the Vereniging van Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst, in english Asian Art Society in the Netherlands, hereafter “VVAK”. When other terms and conditions are declared applicable by the purchaser or client, they only prevail if and only when the other terms are not contradictory to these terms, unless the other terms and conditions are explicitly accepted and agreed upon in writing by the VVAK. The present terms and conditions may be complemented or changed by the VVAK at all times with the exception of already closed agreements. A copy of the present terms and conditions is available on request with the VVAK.

Article 2
All offers are without obligations and price or costs are explicitly subject to change.

Article 3
Purchasers/ clients of the VVAK will be informed as soon as possible of changes in price or costs and do not have the right to obtain the services/ goods for the old prices when the new prices –whatever the reason may be- are unknown to them.

Article 4
The payment of our invoices should be made in the manner and period that is stated on the invoice and without reduction or setoff, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. The VVAK reserves the right to claim interest equal to the legal interest for unpaid due invoices starting from the day on which the invoice was due up to the day of its complete fulfillment. All judicial and extra-judicial expenses incurred from the recovery of claims are to be paid by the purchaser/ client. Extra-judicial expenses in line with the graduated scale of the ‘wet normering buitengerechtelijke incassokosten’ (extra-judicial collection expenses) are immediately payable by the purchaser/client in all cases in which the VVAK was obliged to seek the assistance of third parties in order to collect due payments or for the enforcements of rights as per the present terms and conditions.

Article 5
The VVAK remains owner of the goods that are supplied to the purchaser/client and the supply of services may be suspended as long as the concerning invoices with interest and expenses are not paid in full.

Article 6
Reclamations should be communicated to the VVAK in writing within 14 days after delivery stating detailed specifications of the nature of the complaints. After this aforementioned period the purchaser/client is expected to approve the delivered goods or services. 
If the VVAK concludes that the complaints are valid, the VVAK has the right to either offer (financial) compensation or to provide a new delivery on the grounds that the purchaser/client will keep the disputed goods at the disposal of the VVAK.

Article 7
On the legal relationships with the members of the VVAK the statutes and the internal rules are fully applicable besides these terms and conditions.

Article 8
These terms and conditions are governed exclusively by Dutch law. All disputes in connection with these terms and conditions will exclusively be resolved by the competent court in Amsterdam.