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Aziz Bassoul, ‘Splendour of Khmer Iconography’

Over the last 15 years, Mr Bassoul’s concentration has been on Khmer iconography and he has come to the conclusion that the Khmer sculptures presented to the public by the major world museums, despite their significant interest, were not enough to cover the much wider spectrum of Khmer iconography. In order to reach that goal, one has to resort to the Khmer sculptures in the hands of private collectors. From there, the idea was born to publish a book on the subject of Khmer iconography that would present some of the most relevant sculptures with the major world museums and complement that presentation with as many relevant examples in the hands of private collectors. Splendour of Khmer Iconography presents 57 museum sculptures and 102 sculptures in private collections with dates between the 5th and the 13th centuries.

The publication is available at the following address:

Mr. C. Zwartenkot/Ethnographic Art Books
c/o National Museum of Ethnology
Steenstraat 1a
2312 BS Leiden
The Netherlands

Tel. xx 31 71 5289128